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Malhotra wants to acquire a land of Sikh colony for his factory which is owned by Mrs Dhillon known as Bebe however Bebe is in no mood to sell the land to him it also has a tree which is considered holy by the everyone.Malhotra threatens Bebe 's son Aman that her life would be in danger if she doesn't sell the land to him,Malhotra sends Raka to cut the tree.On a stormy night Aman sits near the holy tree praying for his mother he notices that Raka is cutting the tree a fight occurs between them after being beaten by Raka,Aman gets holy powers from the tree and fights back soon Aman turns a superhero known as Flying Jat who helps people in need whereas Raka turns into a toxic Monster who wants to pollute the environment.
Jatt is a reluctant superhero who fights crime and protects people. He meets his match in the evil Raka, who he must vanquish to save the day.
This is a Punjabi slapstick superhero movie, better than the other Bollywood superhero flick I have watched: Krrish. By the powers of the menaced sacred tree, the martial arts children's teacher is turned to a Sikh superhero with extraordinary reflexes (but still clumsy, anyway), superspeed (among other moments, there is a copy of Quicksilver scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past), invulnerability to shooting, fast healing, flying (though without losing his fear of heights, what always allows gags), superbreath… and the uncontrolled ability to get for some seconds the skills of other people whose picture he touches, such as playing violin as his rival teacher or sexy dancing such as Sunny Leone. Although silly in general, quite campy, there are some funny moments and the hero is charismatic. The film is not bad, but there are obvious problems: cheesy aesthetics, happy people dancing with no deed for story, cliché kitsch soundtrack, overacting, a recurring bad Bollywood formula meets stupid slow motion exaggeratedly used in superhero films. Story is also too much simple, predictable, not innovative. Wrestling toxic supervillain is not very good because actor is a sportsman/pro fighter and not a real actor. The other antagonist, the businessman, is much somewhat interesting: a lovely father but a harsh greedy businessman.
After entertaining and entertaining first half, Remo loose grip on script in second as weak logic for transformation inside Kay Kay. Script is cocktail of many super hero flicks like Krrish​ ( Dress and flying style), X-Men(Slow motion), Super-Man(Jacqueline Fernandez​ was flying on Tiger's toes) and Shaktiman (Pollution concern similar like Plastica). Action, comedy, choreography and music were good however Social message regarding pollution and visual effects were not up to the mark. Performance wise Kay Kay, Tiger and Amrita were good but Jacqueline disappointed. Gaurav has done fantastic job in supporting role. Song "Beat par Booty" was treat to watch in terms of choreography and music. Remo wanted to give all-around cinema which include dance, music , comedy but message about pollution has messed up script. Raka's dialogues must be dubbed or subtitle was must.

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